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«BL-cosmetics» — קוסמטולוגיה פרא רפואית בבת ים

שבת -סגור

Brazilian manicure-מניקור ופדיקור ברזילאי

Brazilian manicure— this is a breakthrough in the field of manicure and nail design. There was an option due to the fact that the professionals have long sought to simplify the manicure procedure in order not to use a lot of tools. Its peculiarity lies precisely in its simplicity and effectiveness. More and more salons include

Brazilian manicure service in the list of proposed procedures, based on the opinions and needs of customers.During the procedure no water is used, and therefore excluded from entering various bacteria;

It is an active emulsion with a unique composition, which moisturizes the skin of hands, only used disposable gloves;not used gel for the skin, a special emulsion includes everything needed for the nails and skin material positive effect on the circulatory system, calms irritatedcuticle;

There is no need to use a peeling due to the content in the emulsion of special components, which exfoliate dead skin particles. 6098