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«BL-cosmetics» — קוסמטולוגיה פרא רפואית בבת ים

שבת -סגור


30_Div-199x300WHISKY-WRAPPING Procedure-swaddling whiskey is made with the help
of cosmetics STYX-Naturcosmetic (Austria). The preparations based
on (all gels, creams, lotions) use essential oils — biologically
active substances. Hence the highest quality and maximum
effectiveness of this professional line. The very technique of
swaddling-whiskey is applying to the skin of human therapeutics —
«substrate» dermoaktivator, oil provides the highest activity
WHISKEY-lotion that soaked bandages. Then, a wet bandages swaddling
body. WHISKY-changing mat is based on three main principles of
hydrotherapy «dissolution, removal and strengthening»

During diapering surface Body temperature varies 1-2 degrees, thereby causing the body to restore thermobalance through enhanced fat burning and increasing metabolic efficiency by 35-50%. A bioactive components lotions cause cell membrane complexes excited bioelectric state digested fat breakdown product output and toxic substances. After 50-60 minutes — the removal of bandages, which took over the stagnant and toxic substances, isolated the organism and cause therapeutic cream or gels, so-called «corset», according to the testimony of each client. Duration «corsets» influences: from 4 to 12 hours


They prolong the effect of the procedure , plus have additional therapeutic properties : antiedematous , antikuperoznoe , lifting , tonic , etc. As a result, the procedure takes about 1.5-2 hours.

Therapeutic effect: and stirring up the microcirculation of the blood; -Strengthening vessels, treatment of varicose veins; -stimulyatsiya metabolic processes and regeneration; -reduction and appetite control; -Reduction of adipose tissue volume, weight loss, fat burning; -lifting, cleansing, improving skin tone, eliminating stretch marks, rosacea; -limfodrenazh, detoxification; -removal edema, stimulation of diuresis, purifying hepatic ducts; -antioksidantnaya therapy; -Strengthening immunity, prevention of colds; -neytralizuyut stress hormones, eliminating depression